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  Women and Age


Women and Age –  Why Are We Trapped By Our Number?

By Phyllis King

I began to consider the question posed above after I spoke to four female clients in one day, all in different decades of life.  I found it fascinating that it didn’t matter how young the woman was or how old she was each shared anxiety about her age.   The women’s ages were 26, 37, 44 and 52.     At some point during our conversation, every single one of these women made reference to “getting older” or “not getting any younger.”   This awareness was somehow indicating time was against them.   Essentially they’d better “get on with it.”

Each woman was putting pressure on herself to make decisions she wasn’t ready to make simply because of her number.  Each was viewing herself as having a limited amount of time to get happy, find love, or reach her goals.  In that dissatisfaction they were all trying to rush decisions that cannot nor should not be rushed.  

Below I have created 4 Elements to Re-Shape the Age Perspective

1.      Embrace Each Cycle for What it is, Rather than Focus on What it Isn’t

At the beginning of this conversation we have to address the body.  We all contend with the finite nature of the body.  We are born, we are young, we age, we become old, we die.  In this spectrum we must strive to embrace each cycle of life for what it is rather than wishing it were something other than what it is.   Always love ourselves unconditionally.

I think about my children.  As they grow I have to teach them to appreciate where they are.  They are either lamenting that they will miss their teacher from a previous grade, or need more freedom they assume age will bring.  I tell my clients what I tell my own children, and it is the same.  Life is always bringing us a series of losses and gains.  This is the natural course of living.  We constantly discard thoughts, feelings and items that don’t fit us any longer. It is normal. We are evolving and changing beings.  It is the ability to honor our changes, rather than resist them that bring us peace, make us attractive and allow abundance in all forms to enter our experience.

2.       Bias Exists

One of the benefits of being awake spiritually is that we have the opportunity to see and live life as a timeless experience rather than a finite experience as the ego would have us believe.   If we find our happiness or personal well-being outside of ourselves then whatever direction the wind blows will determine our ability to have happiness, joy or love. 

In this human experience, we will encounter bias, judgment, discrimination and prejudice.   When we do encounter it we have a choice to make inside.  Are we going to identify with an external viewpoint?  Or will we maintain a center of wholeness based upon an “awake” spiritual perspective?   When someone or something seeks to diminish us it is not a reflection upon us.  It is a reflection on that person or institution that seeks to diminish.   Strive to never allow an external situation to determine your internal state of self-love, happiness or joy.

3.      Timing is Always Perfect

When we think in terms of getting what we want, the ego always wants it now.   The ego considers happiness the lack of discomfort or struggle.  The soul has a different agenda.  It is not confined to the finite viewpoint of the human experience.   It has undertaken this experience to expand on its own behalf and that of the collective consciousness.  When we recognize the interconnectedness of life, we see the value of all our moments.  We cease identification with an ego based reality that limits our value.

 I don’t know many people who do not see the perfect order of their life events when they review their life events in retrospect.  They are able to see that one thing lead to the other and then to the other.   All the experiences from the past actually prepared them to receive even greater things.  Most of us can see that had certain relationships we wanted worked out, we wouldn’t have found our true love.  Had we received the job offer we wanted we wouldn’t have been nearly as satisfied as we are now in our current role.   When something doesn’t work out, it doesn’t mean we are flawed, it means it wasn’t right for us. We should be grateful. 

 When I am doing readings for people it doesn’t matter if the question is about love, money or career.  The single most consistent reason people do not have what they want is because the timing is not right.  They are rushing their own process and identifying with expectation.   Life is truly a process of learning to surrender to what is, while setting a heart driven intention.  Then being as patient and grateful as we possibly can in each moment. 


What truly belongs to us in life can never be taken by anyone else.  There is not a limited supply of any vibration to go around.  Victory is ultimately assured.  If we haven’t yet found our abundance or happy conclusion, the story just isn’t finished yet.


4.       See The Value

 We end where we begin.  If you want love, or money, or a better career honor yourself by seeing your value, not diminishing your value by an external measurement, be it age, weight, height or locale.  Honor who you are today to the very best of your ability.  Then do it again the day after that.  Today is the only day you are promised.  It sets the foundation for tomorrow.   If you activate the frequencies of self-love today it has to be mirrored back to you in your life.   It’s simple math.   See the value in yourself and others will see it as well.  Trust life to provide your highest and best opportunities.   Refuse to align with thoughts, emotions or beliefs that make you feel less than magnificent.  That will encourage more abundance than anything I know.

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