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  Why Sincerity Matter

Why Sincerity Matters

by Phyllis King, January 2015


The act of being sincere seems relatively mundane.  Yet, it’s more far reaching than we might think.   When we are truly sincere we come to life with an open heart and a willing spirit.   Beyond our personal approach toward life and people, if we are sincere about being a force for positivity we also have to be sincere with ourselves.  We have to be courageous enough to be a witness as well as a participant in our life process.

Many people make a painful mistake of refusing to look at their choices through a willing and open heart.   They spend years going down the wrong path, rather than just saying ‘I made a mistake” and move back in the direction of truth.  If we were simply sincere with ourselves rather than quickly attach to the stimulation of some egoic goal, we would preserve and cultivate happiness in greater quantities.

To cultivate sincerity in our lives, before we choose or act, we have to find the courage to ask ourselves three questions:

1.      Who am in life?  

You are a divine spiritual being, with a limitless existence  You can identify with a smaller or larger vision of yourself. 

2.      What is lasting and real? –

Those choices that include the highest good of all people. That’s what lasts.

3.      Where does my happiness come from? 

 Connection and contribution to the greater good. It doesn’t come from selfish momentary stimulations or accumulations.

When we take the time to filter our motivations and choices through these questions we will find ourselves meeting our most sincere self.

The ability to bring sincerity to life is an incredible equalizer in the human experience and in the spiritual experience.   Our intention makes all the difference in our outcomes.


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