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  What My Body Taught

What My Body Taught Me About Spirituality

By Phyllis King

December 2014


For over 30 years I have been on a spiritual path. It began when I was 19 years old. For some reason I always knew the soul was driving the human experience. That awareness came with me into this lifetime. One of the reasons I became known as the Common Sense Psychic is that although I have had this awareness I also have been keenly aware I am having a human experience. I have been keenly focused on how the experience can be as benevolent as possible. It has been my intention to marry the two worlds harmoniously. I have. The discoveries I have made over the course of my career that have brought me true happiness include the following:

1. Our ego mind tells us happiness should be defined through pleasure and comfort. In the human experience we struggle against discomfort. That’s the source of all our pain. When we are happy we naively assume it will last forever. When we are unhappy, we can’t wait for it to end. Yet the soul has a different agenda and is always content.

2. In the spiritual community many can be so focused on the spiritual, we don’t pay attention to our bodies. We don’t listen, we don’t care, we treat our bodies as an after-thought. There is no or right or wrong way to treat your body. It is only us who can judge our bodies and our treatment of them. Do we know why we have the relationship we do to our physical self? There’s good stuff there!

3. Happiness is today in n the present moment. Any waiting for a ship to come in, a relationship to change or arrive, a new job, or anything outside of us is just an expense of energy that will return very little to us if anything.

Many of my clients will attest to the fact that when asked my age I usually say somewhere around 17 or 18. That’s how old I feel inside. When I began to go through menopause, and my chemistry changed, although my youthful enthusiasm remained, a calm and a patience came to my choices and my decisions that was brand new to me. I loved it!!! It felt so much better than how I had been doing my life for decades. The rebelliousness which defined me for so long disappeared almost overnight. Suddenly I just chilled-out about everything.

My body reminded me that although my essence may live forever, it does not. That's not a sad or scary thing. Rather it is a valuable reminder that I have a certain amount of time to do a certain number of things. That reminder brought me great peace. I organically began to reprioritze my life. The awareness gave me permission to do things I have never done for myself. Until that calm awareness arrived I found myself constantly driven. I loved how people would marvel at the quantity of energy I could move around in any given period of time. Now that is insignificant to me.

With the awareness that came, a wisdom followed;

1. I don’t have to make anything happen. I can just be.

2. My consciousness has already determined my value, and the contributions I can or will make.

3. I no longer have to drive or navigate the ship much. I can just ride it.

The idea that I ever had to, or that anyone has to make anything happen is erroneous. That mindset is actually an impediment to receiving. Receiving is an allowing process.

The body has done me a great service by reminding me of my physical mortality. My new perspective brings me joy and freedom. I’ve never been so excited about being older. I often tell my kids, who are extremely age sensitive, that every age has its benefits. The same is true for all of us. If we remain open to receive the benefits, like all abundance, they will arrive.  We have to see them to receive them.

As the year draws to a close, I encourage each of you who have taken the time to read this article to consider what you value most. Consider taking your life out of any holding pattern, and living your life for today, never waiting for a future to deliver your happy moments. Your happy moments are now. If you aren’t there, I’d put that on your to do list for 2015.


Big hugs and love,


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