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  Timing is Perfect

Did You Know the Timing is Always Perfect?

By Phyllis King, December 2013


            In my business, timing is something people always want to know about.  When is “it” going to happen?  When will love come into my life? When am I going to get the job?  When will my big break occur?

            It is interesting and fun to look at rhythms, potentials and cycles of tangible events.   As I have grown and aged, I have come to trust the intelligence of our infinite universe.  Most often when an event has not occurred yet, there are many reasons, not just one.   Typically, it is because the timing is not right.     We are more than a body, and we are working multiple dimensions at one time.  It is our ability to see our wholeness in the present moment that causes manifestation to accelerate.

We all want the “good” stuff, ASAP.   The truth is in this life, in the universe, everything is an energy game.    We have to be ready to receive the outcome we say we want.   Our brilliant minds will always say we are ready.  It is usually in hindsight that we come to recognize the timing was perfect.  We weren’t yet ready for the very thing we said we wanted. That’s the only reason it didn’t show up.

            I reflect upon my life experience and my own quest for love.   For years I dreamed about love, and what I wanted, and I said I was ready.  In truth I wasn’t.  Had I met my soul mate even a year before I did, I would not have recognized him.  I wasn’t healed enough from my own life experiences to appreciate him.    It was through my personal evolution and developing a healthy relationship with myself that I became ready.  It was an inside job.  I really saw and learned the value of trusting timing in life through love.

            This rule of law about timing is true for each and every person on this planet.   When you find yourself wishing you were somewhere you aren’t, and wanting something you don’t have, my best advice to you is this:   practice appreciation for the present moment.   As soon as you learn what you were meant to learn from “NOW” you will move into your next cycle.  Not before.

            Timing is perfect. You cannot miss your opportunity.   You can choose not to embrace it.  You can’t miss it.   When you are ready your good will arrive.  It is a no effort space.  It’s an energy game.  When you have prepared your energy to receive what it is you say you want, it will show up.  It might even shock you how easy it was when it does.

            As you bring a close to 2013, and you look at all the things you accomplished, or left unfinished, trust that your rhythm and timing is perfect.    Because… it is!

With love and appreciation…Phyllis

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