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  The Power of Connect

The Power of Connection

5 Steps to Greater Meaning and Purpose

By Phyllis King

          Fast paced schedules, childhood trauma, relationship breakups all distance us from the idea that real connection with others has value and importance in our lives.

          The reality is that connection is life.   The ability to connect to others in a way that allows us to be “seen” is what life is about.  It is the path to securing limitless abundance and happiness in the human experience.

          Without connection to people and careers that really matter to us, we are going through the motions of living life, and essentially allowing roles to define who we are.  We reduce our value, the quality of our life, and our ability to contribute and receive.

          How do you connect to people and life?  

1.      Start by listening .   Learn to really listen and to hear what others are saying to you.  Pay attention to their face, their eyes, their posture, and become aware of their personal condition.   The act of validation of a person’s “status” is exponentially more powerful than giving advice. We all just need to be seen.  It’s not optional.  It’s essential.


2.     Take the time.   Connection does not happen quickly.  It requires the ability to be open, to trust and to care.  It can take time when we have been hurt and traumatized in the past, and we feel afraid to trust.  In that situation we have to go slowly, until we do trust again.


3.     Be open.   Allow your true self to be seen.   Begin the practice of talking about things that are real and that matter to you.   Allow yourself to be heard and seen.  5 minutes of authentic conversation will fill you up more than 3 hours of chit chat.


4.     Recognize the value.   Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  If you want connection, love, and life purpose, you must ask for it.  You must live a life that matches up with your intention to have a connected life.   If you value authenticity and connection, put in the time to create it.


5.     Get excited.  Connection to others and to what you love is all there is in life.  It’s all you will remember when you get ready to leave this planet.  When you commit to living an intentional and connected life get excited about it.  You’ve finally learned the secret to endless abundance and happiness in the human experience.

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