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  The 3 C's of Abundan

The Answer is in the Feeling of the Outcome

The 3 C’s of Abundance

By Phyllis King, December 2013


            WHAT???  What does that meant, the Answer is in the Feeling of the Outcome?  I struggled with abundance for many years, until I finally “got it.”   Once I had clarity on how creation works and how money flows I knew that I would never again consciously consent to feelings I knew were not in alignment with the outcome I wanted.   Why would I?  That only delays my good stuff.

            Let’s break it down further.   When you have something you want, or need or desire to experience, and it hasn’t arrived yet, don’t say “one day it will happen.”    That means your outcome is off in the future and always will be.  Rather say “my good is here now, and act as if, feel as if it is already here.   Here’s an example:

If you want be a millionaire, act like you are one.  What does that require?   Learn about millionaires, their habits, their disciplines, and the way their minds work.  Hang out where millionaires hang out.  It’s not just about money.  It’s about intention and confidence and risk taking.   Consider reading the book Millionaire Next Door, or Millionaire Mindset.    I guarantee you millionaires do not come from a scarcity consciousness, or a struggle consciousness or any set of frequencies that says “there is not enough.”  

When you consistently hold the frequencies of “I am abundant NOW” you are effectively claiming your outcome.  The trick is to continue to claim it internally until it shows up externally.   When you do that you will naturally take the action steps to align with millionaire practices.  

Practice these steps to claim your abundance:

1.       Practice Certainty:  As soon as you make the statement into consciousness that abundance is yours now you have set into motion a momentum that will return to you if you allow it to do so.   How do you ALLOW the momentum to return to you?


2.      Practice Commitment.   Commit to the energy pattern you have created.  Hold that frequency, that pattern until… until your outcome arrives.  You are in a gestation period.   Don’t quit in the middle.   Feed your gestation period, your baby, your momentum with the most important ingredient of all:


3.       Consistency.  Maintain your commitment and certainty.  Don’t bail out 5 minutes in because the external reality is not showing you what your ego mind thinks it should.  You are working more dimensions than the physical reality.   


I no longer struggle with the money frequency or abundance issues because I learned how to flow with life. I trust that life WANTS to support me.  It does.    If I get out of the way and simply align with the wisdom of divine love, everything I need comes to me effortlessly.   All I have to do is show up, and be a force for love and appreciation.  That is a gift unto itself.  It’s a gift I choose and I allow.  It’s a phenomenal way to experience life in the human body.

I encourage any of you struggling with the abundance frequency to give yourself the gift of trust and give up the struggle.  Abundance does not live in struggle.  It lives in hard work sometimes but not in struggle.   When you consent to living in love and appreciation for life more of your time than not, you will see abundance flow in all directions in your life.


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