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The Art of Surrender and Why You Should

by Phyllis King

The process of expansion, raising your frequencies, allowing in more abundance are essentially the same thing.   Part of the formula is the ability to be consistent in your practice.  That includes the language you use, the emotions you consume and the intention you create and hold.

Most of us can intellectually understand what expansion is.   In order to expand our external reality we have to expand our internal reality first.   Life will respond to our internal expansion.   That means we have to clean out, clean up, heal and resolve our internal chaos, whatever that is. We have to release dead weight in our energy.

The typical challenge most people have is that they toodle along  enjoying the ride of expansion expecting that since they committed to expansion their life should be all hearts and roses.

People tend to fall off the consistency wagon when the very process they asked for, “expansion” happens.  When we ask to expand we must remember that it’s a bit like a light shining down on our personal universe.   The light shows us any residual or hidden wounds, limited thoughts or fears we have tucked away neat and tidy.  Sometimes in expansion the “light” forces us to tear up our neat and tidy system to get to the low level frequencies that are precluding us from greater levels of abundance.

I watch a show on occasion called Love it or List it.  In this show people receive the services of a decorator to remodel their home while a real estate agent tries to find a home the person will want to move into.  At the end of the show the person either chooses to stay in the remodeled property or move into a new property.   Often during the show the remodel team will uncover foundational problems, plumbing problems, or other expensive functional issues that impede the budget and the ability to beautify the property.   The team has to attend to the behind the scenes work first.  The cosmetic adjustments come second.

In the energy expansion game in life it’s not so different from the home remodel.  When we get in there and really commit to an expanded consciousness we have to eradicate the mold and the mildew and the bad plumbing.   In that process many people get discouraged and feel expansion is not occurring.   They give up.  In those moments it is immensely helpful to have a system that helps us to surrender.   To detach from doubt, fear, self loathing or any other set of challenging reactive emotions to life.  We have to get back to internal peace, our internal expansion ASAP.

I have a system I use.  The short version is to first stop my monkey mind.  I usually smack myself in the forhead.  I get my attention.  I refuse to go unconscious.  I stay with my discomfort.   Yet I don't acknowledge it as my truth.   Sometimes I’ll have an argument with God.  I may say "do your worst.”   Through this struggle I eventually resolve and remember that nothing is worth losing my internal balance over, and I let the struggle go.  I relinquish my egoic attachment to what it is I think I need to have.   I surrender to whatever is in my moment. 

Essentially we each have to find a method that takes our focus away from the outcome we think we want and trust that what is happening is what we need.   We have to trust that life is in perfect order.  That timing is perfect.  That there is something in the moment for us, even if we don’t know yet what it is. 

Through the process of surrender we can maintain our expanded perspective, our higher level frequencies and continue to create the moments that will lead us to a higher level of life experience sooner than later.

The natural course of expansion is contraction.    It’s a lot like resistance training at the gym.   You keep building muscle, and building strength over time.  Sometimes your muscles are sore, and you don’t know if you can do another rep.  Or, you need to take a break and let your muscles rest.    One day, you wake up and suddenly you notice it’s easier for you to do those reps or add weight to your program.   You notice you’ve attained your goal.

I encourage every seeker of spiritual truth to develop your own system of surrender, and continue to find ways to claim your internal peace no matter what life is showing you.  Sometimes it’s a process.  It won’t happen in 5 minutes, or maybe it will.   The trick is determination and to never consent internally to a contracted view as the truth.   If you do consent, do so for as little amount of time as humanly possible.   Holding low level frequencies will never take you any place you want to be.

In the expansion game remember these words:

1.       Determination

2.      Trust

3.      Consistency

4.      Surrender

Apply these attributes in your life, and you will expand, without question.

Big hugs and love,



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