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Don’t Change, Awaken –  4 Steps to Ease the Fear of Transition

By Phyllis King

Most people cringe at the thought of change, even the word CHANGE.   Few people really want to change.   Rather many of us seem hardwired to create comfort and familiarity.  Then we attempt to maintain that familiar comfortable at all costs.  The unfamiliar is more disturbing to us than the known even when the known becomes uncomfortable.

At times it becomes apparent to all of us that that something has to give.  Our status quo no longer feels comfortable.   The life we created to make us feel smooth and good, no longer does that.   We know something has to shift.  We wonder if we will be okay, and if we’ll make it through to our next level.

Truly what helps more than anything else to relieve fear and trepidation about change is how we look at our process of change.   What has actually occurred when change is imminent is that we have outgrown the life we created.  Expansion is part of our nature.  It’s not so different than a snake that sheds its skin, or flowers that come back to life in spring.   We all have cycles in our life.  It’s part of being human and part of being a spiritual being.   We cannot outsmart our cycles or avoid having them.   More, success stories are built on those people who learn to navigate change with a kindergarten spirit.   Rolling with it, rather than resisting it.

The following 4 steps can help ease the discomfort that sometimes accompanies change:

1.       Get a Birds Eye View. 
Recognize the greater process at play in your life.   Rather than fear it, honor it, and embrace your new cycle with enthusiasm and anticipation.

2.       Honor Where you Have Been/Take Stock
Take a moment to consider all that you created to this point.   Honor it.  Celebrate it.  Honestly assess why change is a good thing at this time

3.       Trust that Life is Supporting You

Remember that you cannot be given an experience you don’t need.  The Divine is not inefficient in this way.  Relax into trust as an intentional practice that life is working for you.  Remind yourself often.

4.       You are Not in a Race

Keep pace with yourself only.  Honor your own rhythm.  Take care of yourself.  Life will arrange around your new definition of normal.   You are that powerful.   Allow yourself to feel the strength you were born with.

We all have to learn how to tolerate some measure of discomfort when the cycles of life turn around us.   Discomfort doesn’t always mean bad or negative.  It means unknown, and unfamiliar.  As you allow yourself to practice viewing change through a larger lens our feelings about our circumstances can soften, loosen and actually begin to feel quite joyous.

Allow it to be so, and it will.

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