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Prosperity Consciousness vs. Poverty Consciousness – Here’s the Difference


A poverty consciousness says “it’s because of the economy” why I have no money.

A prosperity consciousness “my good comes from the divine” and I shift my perspective to receive.


A poverty consciousness says “I’ll begin living my passion, after I get my bills paid off”

A prosperity consciousness says “My passion is the most valuable thing I have, I claim it now”


A poverty consciousness says “if only ____ I’d be happy”

A prosperity consciousness says “it’s already here”


A poverty consciousness says “life isn’t fair”

A prosperity consciousness says “I can never be given a learning experience I don’t need”


A poverty consciousness says “when my ship comes in I will relax”

A prosperity consciousness says “I relax into trust today”


A poverty consciousness says “I never have enough at the end of the month”

A prosperity consciousness says “my needs are always met”


A poverty consciousness says “I’m worried that what I want won’t arrive.”

A prosperity consciousness says “My good is waiting for me to claim it, only I can slow it down.”


A poverty consciousness says “I’m afraid you won’t love me.”

A prosperity consciousness says “I am the divine, therefore I am love”

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