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  October is Looking G

October could just be the best month of the year for major events in your life – coming and going.  We will see a lot of pleasant days strung together, and a lot of benevolent influences through mid November.   It is a great time for beginnings and endings.    If you have been thinking of starting or ending a relationship, starting a new business or job, or leaving a job, the energy is prime for these transitions.   It’s a great time to play a bit too.  Take that weekend getaway you’ve been hoping to squeeze in.   The momentums in October are benevolent.  When you plants seeds this month, you will realize the benefits well into next year.   Use this rich time to go after your goals.

Starting in October I will have a 2nd hour of radio.  It will be on the weekend.   The entire topic will be on Life Mastery.  The tools and principles I teach in my life mastery courses.  You can look forward to that in October…

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