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  How to Fill Any Void


How to Fill Any Void

By Phyllis King

When we feel something is missing from our life, or we are lonely it may create a sense of sadness or disconnect with life.   Many of us can become depressed or engage in behavior that we know is not good for us.   We over indulge, over spend, drink too much, work too much, and even cry too much.    These are all reactions and choices that serve to distract us from the discomfort.  We in effect are identifying with our experience as us.

How do we unravel this complexity when we are feeling less than or lonely or sad?  How do we get to a place that isn’t so uncomfortable?

The answer begins in embracing the feeling, and giving yourself permission to have it.  Then, you cease identification with the feeling or circumstances as being you.   Culture tends to tell us that “tomorrow will be a better day.”  We pin our hopes on tomorrow.  That’s untrue.   Each day is equal.   How we react to what each day brings will determine how much happiness we have.   What we actually need to do is to put our attention square on where we are, and resist the temptation to judge our moments as good or bad.   If we are going to identify with a reality, let it be the supreme reality.   You are more than a body.  You are a spiritual being having a human experience.  Trust that you cannot be given a learning experience you don’t need.

Spirit does not recognize the difference between terrific and horrific.  They are all just experiences.  The soul has a purpose to expand.  Often we do not expand without challenge or growth.  If we do not embrace growth or expansion, and rather resist it then the human journey is much more painful and frustrating.   Consider these steps as you courageously face the moments of your life:

1.     - Embrace the moment.  Embrace the pain or the sadness.   Don’t resist.  

2.   -   Cease identification with pain as the total reality, the full picture of your circumstance.

3.     - Ask the divine, and yourself, “what is in this for me?”  “What am I trying to heal, learn or evolve beyond?”  The answer is always the dominant feeling of discontent. 

4.    -  Practice “no resistance.”   The biggest cause of stress in life is wanting the present moment to be different than what it is.   Learn to surrender to the wisdom in the moment, and revisit step 2.   “What’s in this for me?”

5.   -  Commit to your intentional relationship with consciousness.  Like any relationship, depth and connection come through trust.  You give, someone else takes, and gives back.  Trust is earned.  You invest more and more in the relationship as trust develops.  Learn the formula of exchange with consciousness.  Take the time to learn this formula.   When you understand the exchange rate in consciousness you will never feel alone.   You will never feel a void.

6.   -  Take the time to learn the formula.  Practice it in your life.  Bring it from the head into the body.   You will reach a threshold where it becomes automatic.   When you stop judging your experiences as right, wrong, good and bad, you will have room for much more joy.  As expansion opportunities come into your experience you will receive them without resistance, and simply move through challenging energy with no attachment or identification to it.

You chose your life.   Just as you choose everything in your life now.     You consented to this experience.  The journey can be pleasant or filled with chaos and drama.   It is how we choose to react to life, and what we choose to identify with that determines the amount of happiness we will experience.

Other topics in a Course on Happiness:

- The energy game.  How to play it.

- Self love as it relates to the Divine

- Internal Balance and it’s role in Abundance.

-   Our Relationship To Time

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