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What is Your Heart Driven Purpose?  Why is it important?

There are two forms of consciousness on this planet.   The ego and the essence.  The ego is the consciousness designed to manage the human experience.   All those issues or concerns that have a beginning, a middle and an end.  Those concerns that are finite, like the body.   The ego is important as it can manage small tasks with excellence.

The essence consciousness is the consciousness that is infinite.  It is our direct link to the divine, and to our limitless potential.  The essence is perfect for managing all the issues related to expansion, love, and to “dreams coming true.”

The ego does not have the capacity to be expansive.  It is designed to manage linear tasks.  Those things that have no gray area.  It is for those topics and issues that are black and white.  

When you want to answer questions about “how do I make myself happy” or “how can I connect to love in my life?” you have to go the intelligence of the essence, to the unlimited reservoir of information and insight that comes only from our connection to the divine.  Otherwise we limit ourselves to the small view of the finite based ego.  We limit ourselves and our options.

How does this tie into your heart driven purpose?   Sadly too many of us believe that living a heart driven life is an option.  That being happy and financially stable are mutually exclusive.  This is an erroneous concept that human beings ascribe to out of fear.   

Someone posted a placard on my facebook page recently that said something like this:   “We are not afraid of failing, but more of realizing how powerful we are.”   As I thought about that statement I realized it is true.    If we realize how powerful we are then we must take responsibility for our lives.   We must reject mediocrity.  That requires courage in the face of fear.  It requires a commitment to your inner self.  It requires that you believe in something greater than yourself, and the human experience.  That is a perspective of power.

When it comes to heart driven purpose it is the heart driven desire that gives us the opportunity to contribute from authenticity on the planet.   It is heart driven purpose and contributions that heal and inspire others in this existence.   It is the heart driven purpose that allows us to feel that what we do is making a difference in the world.   It is the heart driven actions that cause us to feel connected to our experience, as if we are living the life we were meant to live. 

When you get to the end of your life in this human experience regret for what you haven’t done will be the thoughts that plague your remaining moments.   What you could have done, but chose not to do…  When we are not connected to those things that make us sing inside, we are going the motions of living life.   We are not connected to our contributions, but rather living a life from the outside looking in.

The importance of a heart driven purpose in your day is that you feel your existence makes a difference.   That you know because you are on the planet it is a better place.   That you are contributing something that no one else can because it is unique to you.

I ask you today to consider your heart driven purpose.   Recognize that what you have to contribute uniquely is your gift to the world and to yourself.   Your heart driven purpose is your abundance.  When you choose to follow it you will always be taken care of by the divine.  You have activated your connection to the unlimited potential of the universe.  That is magical, and the stuff dreams are made of.   Today I ask you to open your heart to possibility.  To open your heart to the courage that exists in your being.   Live a heart driven purpose life.


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