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  Good News About Loss


The Good News About Loss

By Phyllis King


            You may be asking yourself, “has Phyllis gone absolutely crazy?”  “What is good about loss?”   As with all expansion it begins with a shift in perspective.  How we look at things truly does change it in every way.  Quantum physics even proves this physical fact.   What we think about something impacts it’s physical matter.

            How does this relate to “loss’ being a good thing?   Loss is a natural occurrence in life.   Culture demonizes the word loss.   Without loss there is no change, nothing new to experience.  The word loss is attached to everything we call negative or sad.  If we can begin to recognize the natural rhythm of life and honor it, we don’t have to demonize the word loss.  We don’t have to judge it and attach to it emotionally as an awful thing.  

Without endings, or losing, we can’t start anything new.   We can’t explore new things. We are in the “old” energy.   There’s nothing wrong with consistent or “old” familiar energy.  Just as a snake sheds its skin, we have cycles in our life.  We want to expand and experience more than the familiar day in day out.  That desire to expand is inherent in all of us.     When we cultivate a perspective that honors life cycles, understood and misunderstood, we become free to move through life without resistance to it.  We can trust that although a situation may be uncomfortable there is a larger experience waiting for us because we allowed “loss” to exist.

            If you want to have a bigger house, or a house in a different location, you have to say goodbye to the house you live in.  You have to say goodbye to the memories you created in that space.   Even positive change requires some form of loss.   The trick in life is to embrace the cycles in life rather than resist them or judge them.  Understand that loss is not negative it is a necessary part of living.   

            Years ago I had twins who died at childbirth.   It was a very painful moment in my life.  Yet, from that experience I learned to view motherhood differently.  I learned to view womanhood differently.   Those shifts in view enhanced my ability to parent.  I decided not to become pregnant again, but rather to adopt children.   Ultimately that decision has been the happiest and most expansive experience of my life.  Had I not adopted my children both of their life experiences would have been precarious.   As I rescued them, they rescued me.  Spiritually I am grateful that my abundance is shared.   My choice to adopt impacted me, my kids, and the world at large.    I believe prosperity is a shared experience.   I am lifted up on more levels than I expected.   

Although I would not want to repeat losing children at childbirth I can see the value.  Had that loss not occurred the family I have now would not have occurred.  The impact to the world would not be the same.  I can embrace the perfection and the synchronicity in the process of my unfolding life.   I no longer view the “loss” of my twins as a “loss.”  It was an experience for me in greater expansion in every way in my life.

            I use this example to illustrate that there is always a purpose, a reason, and a synrchonicity to life.  If we are open to receive, life will always fill us up as much as we can possibly be filled, no matter what the loss.

            As you address the “losses” in your life, seek to see the value, the rhythm, and the natural course of life expressing itself through you, as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Big hugs and love,



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