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Is the morale at your company or organization low?  Are you experiencing of lack trust with fellow employees or your management?  Is it interfering with your ability to be content in your environment and your job?   Do you fear your company may be going under?  Is your leadership flailing or non existent?

I have over 20 years experience building successful teams, dealing with low employee morale, and with strategic planning to solve these very types of destructive and debilitating patterns in business environments.   I’ve been successful in nonprofit, the private sector and in corporate environments.  

Some of the common areas I address in one on one scenarios, group, and team dynamics are:

Building Alliances

The 5 Traits of Brilliant Leaders

·         Correction of Low Morale – It’s Origin and It’s Remedy

·          How to Help Your employees Feel Great about Doing a Great Job

·         How to Understand and Repair Relationship Rifts

·         The Art of Successful communication in the Workplace

·         Creating Cohesive Teams

·         Understanding Conflict Resolution, and Allowing it Work

Time Management

Inspiring Loyalty




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