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Abundance 101 – Appreciate What You Have (it’s an energy game)

Much of my life I was driven to achieve, to earn, to excel and to gain recognition.   At the time I thought those activities were worthwhile and important in the grand scheme of life.  I didn’t know what I didn’t’ know.  I was taught as a child that I had to “earn” love.    My parents did not know that value is inherent.   They did not know that you deserve because you exist.  No other reason.   My experience is not unique.   I hear this story every day in some form.

I have the good fortune of speaking to a lot of brilliant, powerful and creative people. Yet despite their massive external success they are still looking outside of themselves for fulfillment.   Their lives are full of struggle of another nature as happiness is elusive or intermittent.

I have been a seeker of spiritual truths for over 30 years at this time.  I have been in search of “what brings true and lasting happiness” and “what is real.”   Recently something shifted in me in a new way.  It drove home the Abundance 101 principle I have known for years.  It reminded me that growth happens inch by inch. Then one day we have an “a-ha”  that is a game changer.

The game changer is this:

1.      What makes us happy has nothing to do with what we have, what we achieve, or what we earn.  What we learn about ourselves in the process of achieving, earning or doing, teaches us what we’re made of.  That’s valuable.   That can help us define who we are to ourselves.  It’s a tool to point us to happiness. It doesn’t provide happiness.


2.      The act of being connected to our choices, to our talents, and living from a position of self-love is absolutely the best way to bring abundance in any form into our lives.  Nothing substitutes for being connected to ourselves, for honoring our talents, and for living from a positon of self-love.  There are no shortcuts.

I recently spent time in a think-tank of sorts with many multi-millionaires, of which I am not at this time.  I came out of that think-tank feeling more full, and richer than I ever have.  I realized that I have gifts and talents I was born with that are unique to me.   I wasn’t aware I was taking them for granted.  It suddenly occurred to me that most people will never get to experience even one time the things I experience on a daily basis.  A wave of immense gratitude began to wash over me.  I began to know in a deeper way how blessed I am to have my life, my friends, and work I love.  I feel profoundly humbled to have the honor to be of service to others.   I am so full my only option is to be of service.  My needs are met. More is not better.  Giving is my only "better."

If there was any residual striving for “more” or “better” it’s now gone.    I understand on a whole new level that Abundance 101 is about appreciating what you have.  The deeper you can go with that the better.

As you look at your own abundant space, start with yourself.   Look at your life, your talents, the people who love you.   Know and trust that what you have is what you need, and acknowledge your benefits.  Bathe in them and revel in them.  Live in the awareness that you already have everything you need. 

We can play with energy, choices and goals, but remember this:

1.      Detach from striving

2.      Honor where you are

3.      Know that you are blessed

This is an abundant consciousness.  If you live here you can have anything you want in life.


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