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Healing the Wounds –  Seven Steps to Clarity and Expansion

by Phyllis King



The art of expansion requires that we embrace each part of ourselves by seeing the value of each part.  This allows our wholeness to reveal itself to us.  This includes embracing our wounds, and our perceived flaws. 

It is human nature to want to get on with it…to leave the past behind and to feel the “good” stuff.   The ego mind defines happiness as comfort and pleasure.  It wants to reject the spiritual viewpoint as invalid.   In order to expand energetically, which is what life is, an energy game, we have to learn to see the value in each moment, not just the happy and comfortable moments.  If we rush off of feelings, or moments without seeing the value, we unintentionally deny value.  We essentially tell the divine "you got it wrong."  If we put that message into consciousness, our outcomes can only be limited. 

The process of expansion is more than just getting stuff.  It’s more than having our relationships work out.  It’s more than connecting with life purpose.  It’s about embracing the wholeness of who we are.  That is the single most abundant act any human being can do.   It's everything.  Once you have everything, you can have anything your ego desires.

How do we recognize our wounds and not run from them?   Most often we recognize wounding through our teachers.   Who are our teachers?  Our spouses who infuriate us, or don’t meet our needs.  Our family members who don't treat us as we wish they would.  Our boss or co-worker who demeans or controls us in various ways.  Our children who do the opposite of what we would like them to do.  Our friends who disappoint us.   These people and situations represent perfect vehicles for learning....our teachers.

When you find yourself feeling angry, worried, or certain you would be just fine “if only” someone or something outside of yourself would shift…that is your teacher.  That is what you need to look at it inside of yourself.  Your reaction that resists the moment, or takes it personally what someone else does, or allows you to become offended...  Those feelings that cause you to leave your center of well being is yours to heal.   Nothing outside of us will ever cause us to feel complete, or incomplete unless we consent to it.  If your center is unstable, you will react from a place that says “it’s your fault” and “if only….”  


Follow this general outline to heal your wounds:


1.    When faced with conflict, or pain, begin to find neutrality by remembering that all experiences are equal in consciousness.   The ego says "good, bad, right, wrong."  The soul says "all is abundant."  When we encounter resistance or pain, the divine has presented an opportunity to expand.  It is our ability to see that opportunity that gives us peace, and causes us to become more expansive, i.e. abundant beings.


2.     Love yourself for your vulnerability and humanness.   Take time to acknowledge your injury and to source its origins.  Don’t rush to move away from the uncomfortable feelings.  Allow insight about the wound to rise to your awareness.   Give yourself space to feel.  That is why you have a human body, to feel.


3.     Reach for gratitude.  Give thanks for the opportunity to expand.   Feed the powerlessness love and acceptance, either through ritual or some other means of self support.

4.     Be kind to yourself.  Don’t judge yourself for being wounded or for not knowing everything.  Life is a process, not a race.   All of us have layers to uncover to heal and expand.  That's what we're doing on the planet.  We can only do as much as we can do. That is enough. There is no timeline to meet for anything in your life.   The Divine will always deliver what you need to you.  Trust that. Learn to replace worry with trust.


5.     Do not forget where your life comes from…the origin of your wealth.  The origin of your health.  The origin of all the love in your life.  Regardless of the vehicle …i.e. job, spouse…family.. your needs are being met through your relationship with yourself and the Divine.  It is quality of this collaboration that determines your abundance.


6.     Acknowledge the one-ness of all things.  There is no us, no them, only the one.   Allow the feeling of connection in life to bathe over you.  You are one wave in the ocean of life.  Everything we do affects everything else.   See the God consciousness in you.  Recognize that as you heal and yourself, you heal and expand the whole.  You are a mighty and powerful just for being you.  One person can and does make a difference.


7.     Take time to take care for yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  This is how you stay awake to connection.  It is how you cope with the awareness of your wounds when you see them.   It is one big piece in how you recognize your innate wholeness.   Finally, ask for insight on how to stay connected to Source.  Guess what… you will receive it.







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