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  5 Abundant Keys


5 Key Principles to Mastering Abundance

By Phyllis King


1.      1.  Define What Abundance is to you. 

The ego has it’s definition of abundance and the divine has its definition.  The ego says pleasure and comfort equals abundance.   The spirit says everything is abundant.    If we only look at abundance through the lens of the ego we will always be the tail wagging the dog.  We will always be playing catch up, and trying to figure out how to get more or enough. 

2.      2.  Clear Up Your Misconceptions.  

The universe is fluid and creative at all times.  Most of the time it is us who impede our own ability to receive.    We try so hard to "make it happen."   We don’t know how to allow things to happen.   We don't know how to let go of control and simply let life flow.    We allow our self doubt and fear to drive our decisions.  Fear also hides behind micro management.   We may see something or someone we want.   We figure out every angle to lock it down.  We can describe in vivid detail why it is right for us and why we should have that thing or that person.   This ego driven method constricts the divine from coming in to work miracles in our lives.  Dr. Wayne Dyer said it best when he said EGO means "Edge God Out." 

 3.      3. Authentically connect to your purpose and how you want to show up in life.  

Authentic to me is a combination of elements.  It is being in alignment with your truth, being honest with yourself, and being completely separate from pride.   When we allow ourselves to honor our authentic truth and vision for how we want to show up in life, we are supported in every direction we turn in.   This is an allowing consciousness.  This is how we feel the active presence of the divine working in our lives.

 4.     4.  Learn to Accept and Embrace What is as fast as humanly possible.  

It is a discipline to master an expanded consciousness.  Over time, just like body building, we develop a strength and cell memory that takes us back to center faster and faster after we fall away.  In the human experience we are going to have challenges, emotional and otherwise.   We’re here to master challenge.  That’s literally what we’re doing here.   The trick is to not buy into the challenge or the emotional content as the ultimate truth.   Rather learn to become patient observers in our own lives.  Learn what the meaning is behind the event or the emotion.  Look deeper.   It takes what it takes sometimes to balance powerful emotions, happy or sad.  We always should take the time to balance them and learn what is “in it” for us in our experiences.  The more we can fearlessly trust that life is working for us, the more it will.     

5.     5.  Create the space and it will come.  

The ego says when XYZ happens, or my ship comes in, or I connect to a partner, I will be happy.  Or, I will own my power.  I will stand tall in the world.   I will really live then.  That is completely backwards.   We must create the space in our own heart and mind for the outcome we desire to exist.  We have to make room for them.  Hence “expanded” consciousness.  We must expand first, and then our good can come in to that space.  This is why all the law of attraction experts always tell us “imagine what you want as if you had it now.”

Steve Harvey told a great story on his TV show last season.  His analogy goes like this “say you have an old beat up car that doesn’t run in your garage.   You need to sell it or junk, so you can buy a new car.  In order to get a new car, you have to empty out the old car from the garage and make a space for the new car.”   There are many ways we can look at that statement.  When I heard that statement I heard "create the space and then you have room to put something new in it."  It takes energy to expand and ready ourselves to receive abundance. 

If you want to run a 100 mile marathon, it won’t happen on the first day you put your feet to the payment.  It is a process of building up to it.  You must be able to sustain the burden of a long excursion on your body frame.  Life is just the same.  We have to build up energetically, through expanded awareness, to be able to receive great and wonderful things.

When I do psychic readings for people and they want know if or when something is going to happen, the first thing I always look for is space.  When there is space there is potential for greatness and abundance to come in.

If you can master these principles in your life, you will always have your needs met and then some.  You will not worry, you will laugh more.  You will trust more, you will enjoy life more.  When you want to “manifest” something it will become as simple as setting your intention, and then going about the business of doing your life.   Before you know it that “thing” or “person” you want shows up. It will seem effortless. 

If you have any questions, let me know…let me know your stories…



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