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  3 Ways We Resist Abu


3 Ways We Resist Our Own Abundance

by Phyllis King, December 2014


1.       We Struggle Against “What Is”

We believe that happiness is founded upon pleasure and comfort.  The soul says everything is abundant.   When we are not pleased or comfortable it is human nature to resist that condition.  We want to stop the suffering.  We focus intently on what isn’t working.  That’s the opposite of what we need to do.  We want to look for what life is giving us rather than what we aren’t getting, even if we are suffering.  This is how we see value in all of life.  This is a critical element in attracting abundance in all forms.

2.      You Wish Someone Else Does Poorly

When people make choices that trigger our feelings of sadness, anger or pain, we can have a knee jerk reaction to seek revenge, speak ill of them or even see them do poorly. We revel in their misery.  It gives a momentary sense of power.  We find ourselves re-telling stories of how screwed up they are, and how awful they were to us.   Perhaps someone did do all that we say they did and our characterizations are completely true.  It doesn’t matter in the energy game.   What matters is that we come to balance with the potent feelings we are having as soon as possible.  The sooner we separate from our story of how we were mistreated, and move into healing our reaction, the sooner we reclaim our internal power and peace, and come back into alignment with abundance.

3.       We Identify with the Physical Reality as the Dominant Reality – Spiritual Bankruptcy

You can’t kill energy.  It can only be changed from one form to another.   You are a timeless being with limitless life in a human body.  Our experience in the human body is to expand our consciousness and resolve karma.   When the physical life ends, we simply open another door of life that excludes a physical body.  The physical life is akin to being in a dark warehouse holding a flashlight.  We hang on to that flashlight for dear life.  When we open the door to the nonphysical life suddenly all the lights in the warehouse come on. The flashlight becomes irrelevant.  The ability to frame our lives in an expanded perspective while still in a physical body is the dance of duality we all came here to master.  When we do master it, abundance flows.

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