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3 Steps to Understanding the Money Game
by Phyllis King


Plain and simple you know you are in the divine flow when you no longer work for money, but rather money works for you.  When you own that you are senior in this dynamic you become senior in the dynamic.   Essentially money and all forms of  abundance come to us when the following three elements align in our perspective:


1.       When we Know we Have Seniority over Money

 Money is a tool.  It needs us to move about, not the other way around.   Being senior to money is our divine birthright.  When we KNOW this truth we command our financial reality.  Money works for us.


We all hear people lament that they cannot do something, or they must do something because they “NEED” money.   What we need is the awareness that we have superiority over the tangible in any form, and further that we can claim our authority over the tangible at any time.  When you arrive at a perspective of KNOWING, life will reflect it back to you.


2.      When we Connect to Self and to Others

Money flows to us organically when our contributions to consciousness are based in service or action that brings us closer to ourself and to others. 

It is common to hear “I want to be successful.”   Many people have a very narrow view of what success is because it is defined through the ego’s perspective.  It is a goal or a achievement rather than a contribution made through sincere desire to be on soul’s purpose and to give from a perspective of love.  

3.      Effortlessness Signals Connection.

When we commit to purpose rather than money, the side effect is money.  When we commit to money, we lose connection to our purpose and hence our fulfillment.

We can make money without being on purpose or connecting to others, or serving others.  When we believe abundance exists outside of ourselves, we will always be in search of new ways to feel fulfilled.  We feel empty.  We put that emptiness into consciousness, attracting only more emptiness.   Every achievement provides temporary satisfaction.  We exhaust ourselves trying to fill up.   When we recognize our value is inherent and does not change through achievement, striving ends.  We free ourselves to create from our truest inner point of contribution. This act puts us in the flow of divine abundance.  In the flow of divine abundance we are empowered to set intention and realize intention with effortlessness.

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