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3 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working For You

 by Phyllis King


We all know the feeling of trying so hard to do the right thing, hoping upon hope that we will get our happy ending, and that life will finally arrange in such a way that things feel easier and more joyful.   Those in the spiritual community are some of the most diligent and dedicated people on the planet and know how to give themselves to a process.  What does it mean when the law of attraction isn’t working for you?  Most spiritual people default to blaming themselves.   They are too good at seeing their flaws, and being over-responsible.  They hyper focus on emotional reactions which impede the ability to truly understand what is occurring in the creative process.

There are 3 key reasons why the Law of Attraction isn’t working.   They are these:

1.       The information has not been integrated from the mind into the body

The mind moves quickly, and can understand a concept in seconds.  The emotions move very slowly.   The process of integrating information into the body takes time and often repetition.  Change occurs inch by inch more often than it does in leaps and bounds.  It takes time to shift beliefs and responses.  It’s more than just thinking about it.  It’s thinking, and feeling, and being determined to stay with the process.   Eventually we shift.  That’s when our abundance can make its way into our life experience. It is when we finally “know” a principle it will work in our lives effortlessly.

Our brain has a physiological response to change.  Even positive change can inspire a reaction that says “change is bad, I must dig in deeper to protect my status quo.”   We naturally resist change.   Most people unintentionally sabotage their own process and then give up before change has had a chance to take root.

Many times when clients want to expand their business or personal life, they will be given 3 or 4 tangible steps to take to improve it.   These will be tried and true principles.  The person doesn’t take the steps.   The conversation returns to “why didn’t you?”   99.99% of the time the reason lies somewhere between “I don’t deserve it” and “I’m afraid.”  Add that to the physiological resistance to change, and we are sunk.

We have to give ourselves time to shift our perception.  We have to be patient with ourselves.  It takes courage and it takes determination. When we do shift our perception and truly see things differently, our energy changes.  We begin to magnetize differently into consciousness.  Then our outcomes become different.   It takes what it takes in time, energy and commitment.

2.       Attachment to Outcomes

We all have things we want or goals we are trying to meet.  This is good.  It helps us set intention and point ourselves in the direction of what feels right to us.   Too often we become fixed not only on the outcome we want to receive, but on the timing within in which the thing must arrive.

In life there are moments when deadlines and timelines are relevant.  In terms of connecting to highest good, and that which is meant for the highest benefit to us and humanity, there are no timelines. Time is not relevant.  Shifting the frequency is all that is relevant.  Things always happen when they need to happen and when all parties involved consent to the shift and agree to it consciously or unconsciously.  Life always provides what we need when we need it.  The only reason we don’t have something we think we want to have is because we don’t need it at that time. 

The trick is to pay attention to what is in the present moment.  Is that delay of what you want causing you to feel stupid?  Is it causing you to turn in on yourself and tell you that you are not worthy?  Is it telling you that God forgot your address and doesn’t care about you?  If there is any version of this type of inner dialogue then that is one glaring reason you are not attracting what you want.  You don’t really trust yet.  You don’t really believe you deserve it yet.   Your egoic perspective still dominates your creative process.

We have to learn to see the value in where we are in the moment.  We have to reject comparison thinking, and stay in the flow of divine wisdom.  This is how we begin to resonate at the highest frequencies possible, i.e. magnetize good things to us.

3.      We focus on Thoughts Rather Than Feelings

Many people believe that positive thinking and acting happy is the road to realizing abundance. It isn’t.  Being fully present with who you are and your experience is what matters.  Spiritually we are here to grow and expand beyond limitation.   It isn’t a problem that we have a limiting thought, belief or feeling.  What is a problem is identifying with the limiting thought, belief or feeling, as true.   Our job is to grow around the limitation by continued self-realization.   This is the dance of duality we are doing in the human experience.

Too often spiritual people are afraid to feel vulnerabilities, and instead walk around projecting a false smile afraid to admit that darker feelings are intruding on their perfect perception.  When we find ourselves in this predicament the answer is to go into the feelings not deny them. Lean in rather than away from them.  We have to learn why we are reacting to life in this way.  Once we gain the awareness and heal our response, we will shift.  Our perspective will change.  Our vibrations will rise, and we will naturally magnetize to abundance because we have made ourselves more abundant in our own vessel, our own life.

The next step when we want to create something new is to put our feeling attention on what we want to create.   We want to generate feelings that represent what we think that thing or that person will bring us, i.e. how we will feel when we get what we want.  We generate feelings through pretending or acting as if what we want has occurred.  We bathe in those energies with regularity. 

That intentional use of energy is one of the fastest ways I know to create anything. Your thoughts are things and they do matter.  Your feelings are more potent attractors.   When we live from a position of “it’s already done” abundance happens effortlessly. Synchronicity flows.

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