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  2013 Predictions

Predictions 2013

By Phyllis King

2013 brings a continuation of the 2013 momentums with some changes.    The momentums continue to demand change and revolution.   We will see conflicts, upsets and unexpected events globally and personally throughout the year.    The divine is insisting upon restoring balance to life on the planet.  That balance includes completing the transition from the information age to the intuition age.  It requires that humanity acknowledge our interconnectedness with each other.  We are in a pattern that will last another 9 to 13 years.

The equation for success and peaceful balance in the next 9 to 14 years is people first, money 2nd, things 3rd.  Until we embrace that equation for success and well being, conflicts, disruptions and chaos will emerge in and through life all over the globe.    Chaos always precipitates change.  

What separates 2013 from 2012 the most is the “once in a lifetime” type of events that are set to take place.  Not only will we see devastation, fighting and conflicts that traumatize us, but many of us will experience unprecedented dream come true feelings in our lives.  High highs, and low lows.   2012 didn’t have many highs. There will be highs with the lows in 2013.  

January brings the best energy of the year to kick off new projects and set goals.  The energy is sharp, intense, and fast moving.  It primes us for new ventures. 

February is a great month for travel and romance.   Although it is the dead of winter it is one of the “warmest” love months of the year. 

March brings energy of communication challenges, and a tendency toward miscommunications and bickering, personally and globally.  

April offers “dream come true” energy.  This is a great time to ask for raises, propose marriage, risk and trust.  Pay attention to your projects and relationships now. 

May brings challenge energy again. Conflicts, misunderstandings and tempers can flare in this energy.  

June screams for play and fun.  One of the best months of the year to travel and play, and remember your kindergarten spirit. 

July is a great time for repairing relationships with family or close friends.   Again “dream come true” energy is present.  Risk, trust, love and go for the gold.   

August again cautions us about conflicts and challenges. 

September is much like January.  Perfect for starting new projects, continuing and finalizing projects, and starting new relationships.  Powerful fresh energy.   

October and November again bring challenging conflict potent energy.  Harsh energy.   Choose carefully, wisely and with your heart.   Don’t rush your decisions during this time.  

December is a beautiful month for rounding out our long-term projects, and setting the stage for new projects.   As the month draws to a close we slip in again to challenge energy.

In 2013 those who continue to develop their inner world, and seek to connect to life purpose will find the momentums of 2013 the most easy to manage.  It is those who hold on to the past and resist change who will find the momentums of 2013 to be the most challenging.

We will continue to see gridlock and bickering in Washington as personal agendas supercede good sense.  We will also continue to watch power struggles among global leaders.  Those struggles will include those who have been allies with the United States who move to separate themselves from favor with the U.S.

The economy will continue to improve slowly and steadily but the gap between the wealthy, the middle class and the poor will continue to expand, causing continuing breakdown of trust in the government.

Unemployment will remain about the same, with small improvements over the year.  The worst appears to be behind us for now.  But we are certainly not out of the woods for the long-term.   The real estate market will continue to stabilize, but we won’t experience a “boom”  just ongoing recovery.

Chaos around the planet will continue to cause volatility in the marketplace, but the volatility is our new normal.   The global community appears to be adjusting to this new normal.   Large gains or losses in the market will not inspire fear.  Consumer spending will increase, employers will hire more, and over all people will “feel” better about their finances.    We are definitely in a different time, and despite the stabilization of the economy, uncertainty still remains regarding the future.  

My best advice for 2013 is to be in the now, trust your instincts, intentionally develop your relationship to the divine, and love with all your heart.


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