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  10 Steps to Success

What it takes to be Successful – 10 Steps


1.      Define what success means to you. 


2.     Set goals, small to large, include time lines, that can be adjusted if needed.


3.     Engage with your goals daily.   Dream, think, and act on them in some way. 


4.     Be happy.  Infuse your creations with positivity.   If you can’t do that, stop creating until you can.  The road to abundance is not paved with a scarcity consciousness.


5.     Listen to your instincts.  They are always right. 


6.     Work hard, inspired by passion and purpose, not effort.


7.     Consult people who are successful, learn what they know.


8.     Stay open to possibility.  What you need may come from some place or person you cannot anticipate


9.     Reset goals when necessary.  Be flexible.  Laugh at your missteps.


10Celebrate your missteps as well as your achieved outcomes.  Every moment is valuable.  You are defining who you are to yourself.   Life will respond to your definitions.


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