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10    Minutes a Day That will Change Your Life, by Phyllis King

 Are you ready to experience something amazing?  I want to a powerful tool with you that I use all the time.  It always amazes me.   I think you will be amazed.  It is a process that allows you to insert high frequency vibrations into your space, almost medicinally to cure what ails you.   Try it!  What do you have to lose?   Think of this practice as a wonderful mini vacation that costs you nothing.

I know from 30 years in personal growth that 99 times out of 100 it is not the big shifts that create the difference in our lives.  It is the consistent practice of small changes that make the profound difference in our lives and in our experiences.  In my opinion this should be everyone's small practice consistently.


Every morning before you get out of bed, and every night before you go to sleep practice imagining your life or a situation as you would like it to be.  Perhaps you wish you had a new relationship, or to heal the one you have.  Perhaps you want more financial resources, or better health, a new job, whatever.  Just imagine it.  Bring in all the feelings you believe you would have if  "thing you want" was realized.  Bathe in those feelings, as if it were now.  As if you had it now.


Again, do not try to figure out how you will make that something happen…just imagine it as if it already happened, and allow yourself to enjoy those feelings.  Bathe in them.  Soak them into your being.  


Imagine what it would feel like to have the amount of money in your bank account you want.  Imagine what it would feel like to have the relationship you desire for yourself. Imagine what it would feel like to connect to the right career.   Feel those feelings.  Let them bathe over you. Revel in the joy of your heart’s desire being manifested in your life.

The second part of the process is to remember where you come from.   You come from a Source that knows only love and abundance.  Love and abundance is in your DNA.   When you are in the flow of love and abundance you never have to worry about accumulation.   Abundance will always flow for you.   You are part of this consciousness.  Align yourself with this truth on a feeling level.

You are one wave in an ocean, ebbing and flowing in perfect balance at all times. You have the power to create your life with Source energy because you are Source energy.  Abundance is your divine right. Affirm this to yourself. Feel the acceptance in your space. Allow this gentle awareness to bathe over you.  Own it.

Begin and end your day with this practice. Immediately you will start to feel better, and see change in every area of your life.   Opportunities, money, relationships, etc., will seem to come out of nowhere.  They will just start to show up effortlessly while you do the business of living your life.  It's truly amazing.


In this ritual you actively insert high vibrations into your space. You consciously connect to your power.  You open up your energy and give yourself permission to receive.


Too often we end our day mulling over all the things we didn’t accomplish or achieve. When we plant the seeds of prosperity into our mind before we drift off to sleep, we create while we sleep without the filters of the ego. You will begin to experience amazing dreams. You will often awake with insight on your unfolding life experience.

 Practice this technique anytime during the day if you begin to feel stressed-out or contracted. It’s a great tool for replacing worry with trust and realigning with high attraction vibrations. IT WORKS

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