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Intuitive Coaching HOME Version
In this 4 hour, 8 audio
session course, you will
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DVD - Making the Connection to Your Abundance
This 90 minute video will take you through all the steps, tools, discussion and practices I use when I teach abundance in a workshop setting or in one on one coaching setting. You can use this video, and refer to it over and over so that you can move through any energy that is impeding your ability to receive.
Price : $ 59.00
Intuitive Coaching HOME Version
In this 4 hour, 8 audio session course, you will learn: 1. You�ll be trained to have life-changing conversations with clients, friends and family that empower them to live up to their soul�s true potential. 2. You�ll learn how to make your living (with abundance!) helping people in a deeper way than you�ve ever experienced before. 3. You�ll have access to a full course that will help you access the powerful intuition inside of you and use it for all of your decisions � as well as helping others. 4. You�ll learn to see your life story as a soul journey with you in the driver�s seat � choosing to go through challenges and opportunities on purpose � becoming the hero of your story � and bringing your gifts to the world through your work. 5. You�ll learn how to build a successful business AND you�ll gain free monthly access to Phyllis through her private coaches-only teleseminars. 6. Deepen your knowledge of life's truths 7. Learn to teach life's truths to others 8. Find Your Audience and Discover Your Voice 9. Enhance Your Presentation and TEaching Skills 10. Add Credibility to your existing or future business With this course you receive 2 FREE 30 minute sessions with Phyllis, to be used when you are ready to use them.
Price : $ 325.00
Current Products
This is comprehensive book that includes pivotal moments in Phyllis' life that shaped her experience and perspective. The 2nd half of the book is a workbook designed to help people understand their patterns, and limited perspectives that have caused and/or continue to caused fragmented outcomes.
Price : $ 14.99
Downloadable Version - Develop Your Psychic Abil.
In this 5 hour guided instruction series, you will learn all the tools I used to learn how to be a psychic reader. Included are how to connect to your spirit guides, reading workshop, and much much more. THIS IS AUDIO DOWNLOADS
Price : $ 55.00
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