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Phyllis is the most amazing teacher, healer, life coach…not to mention an incredible psychic that is so right on! Is there anything she can’t do? I think not! I have been working with Phyllis for a little over a year now and my life has changed in so many positive ways I never ever thought possible. She sees what is possible in people’s lives and she truly wants everyone to have it all! She is so full of love; she’s funny, amazingly gifted and a true gem. ~ Terri Gross, Sunnyvale, CA

Amazing is what word I use to describe Phyllis King as a teacher, person and her Intuitive Life Coaching course. I have taken other spiritual classes but with Phyllis she provides you with one on one attention and although you are not the only student in course she certainly makes you feel like you are. I have very busy schedule with full time work but when I heard of this course I truly thought I could not pass up the opportunity and knowing I have complete and trust Phyllis I invested my time and money and was not disappointed. It was well worth it. I learned so much more about myself during the course then I expected that ironically helped me grow during the course and face my own challenges and steps to inner growth I needed to do. When I was challenged Phyllis was only one email or phone call away to help me through the process. I am so proud to say to other I am a Intuitve Life Coac and I was certified by Phyllis King. I highly recommend her for her personal work and as teacher. ~ Sandra Simms, San Lorenzo, CA

I first heard about Phyllis from a friend that had a couple of readings by her. I listened with interest and knew someday I would call for a reading. Then I met Phyllis at a function at Ft Mason in S.F.. I was so moved with what she said to the 25 individuals in my group I could hardly wait until she got around to me. What she was telling people was so profound for them. I was quite nervous and somewhat anxious. Then it was my turn and this is what she said. "You just sparkle" and then she was done. What, wait I want more!! It wasn't long after I called her because I felt a bit cheated.  I have since have referred at least 15 people to her and every one of them have come back to me and thanked me as she touched each one touch each one deeply as she did for me and made a profound difference for everyone I referred to her.  Phyllis has the Gift to to help you see your purpose for living and to move you gently and positively in the direction of joy and fulfillment. I will forever be grateful. -~ Vicki Crystal, Clear Lake, CA

Just wanted to let you know that I got a job!  (just like you said) less than 10 minutes from my home!  It's a temp-to-perm job and the permanent part looks promising.  The way you described this job to me - it's amazing, but it's just as you described.  This is just incredible to me.  And you were right – I feel sooooo much better about everything.

~ Connie, Belmont, CA
You are not just a friend, you are a godsend!
When I met you I asked you if I was in "harms way". You told me I would have some "stuff" to deal with, but I would not be in jeopardy, not in a life threatening situation". I had a biopsy done on a tumor, the doctor was very surprised that it had shrunk since it had been discovered...it did not have enough tissue to be malignant. The doctor is confident I am completely fine. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
~Anne, Alameda, CA
I will never forget the invaluable service you did for me a year ago...I was scared out of my wits You talked me through it, and gave me ideas to bless my home...I'll always be grateful for you!
~Hayward, CA
Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful reply, you are very gifted.
-New York, NY
Thank you. I am very relieved to know there is a silver lining to my dark clouds!
THAT was some kinda wonderful!! Thanks for a superb reading ..."The Common Sense Psychic" (even for ME... someone with no common sense!!)."
- Andrea, in Washington
I don't know how you could be so accurate and tell so much with just my name.
-Portland, Oregon


You were right-on re: my tooth. Said to get help right away. My urgent care didn't see it - the dentist didn't see it - even with an xray, the E.R. didn't see it! It took 4 appointments before someone said I had an infection and that possible surgery would be needed for... but you saw it immediately!
- Thank You, Beau
You have an incredible gift. Thank you for sharing it with me.
-Southport, North Carolina
Thank you for the insight you gave me. You hit the nail right on the head!
-Casper, Wyoming
Thank you so much. I wish you the best.
-Oslo, Norway
Phyllis, you are marvelous! I am  amazed...you are incredible! Certainly worth more than the prices you offer on your site!
-Los Angeles, California
I hope you never get tired of hearing how insightful and gifted you are!
-Naples, FL
Thank you and bless you for your kindness and generosity!
-South Africa
I can't thank you enough for your in-depth answers and words of encouragement. I feel a great sense of peace. You really touched me and my thanks go out to you.
-Ann Arbor, Michigan
Thank you for the insightful guidance you gave me. You were understanding and positive, bringing new light to my life. I will be eternally grateful for it!
-Darien, Connecticut
         I want to tell you how many "aha" moments I'm still getting out of the reading you did with me.  There were so many profound things that you said.   Even though it was just 15 minutes, it really really impacted me.  I'm listening to it over and over and getting so many insights.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Sherry. Irvine, CA
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