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Predictions for 2015

It was the Best of Times and the Worst of Times


    We have a dominant shift in the energy this year that will affect everyone in 2015.  The planet Saturn, moved out of Scorpio about a week ago, and moved into the sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.  Saturn is the planet in all of our charts that gives us our challenges, lessons and hardships. Saturn stays in a sign for 2 ½ years.   Jupiter is the giver planet in the zodiac.  It is the Santa Claus of all the planets. It is the planet that brings expansion in all ways.   The aspects in your chart will determine how that expansion shows itself.

     What this means for the average person is that we all will see expansion in our lives.   We will see progress.  To the degree we have been working and planning for expansion, we will see results.   If you have been working diligently toward a project, especially in writing or broadcasting this will be a good year for you.   Anything that relates to communication or sharing of ideas is highlighted.  Either way, we all will feel the effects of expanded experiences in our life.

     We do have to remember that when we expand we create space.   We have to fill that space.  Life continues to require attention and adjustment, effort and work.   Just because we are “receiving” in 2015 doesn’t mean our personal work is done.  It often feels better much of the time because we are seeing the fruits of our labor at the same time we are working.  We feel like we are making progress.

     During this time relationships that no longer fit us leave us.   Jobs that aren’t happy for us will fall away.  It is really the universe making room for you to receive new situations that are more suited to who you have become in the past 2 ½ years.    The trick to maintaining your happiness is to keep your eye on your purpose, and your passion and trust that balance will restore itself even better than before. Be patient.

2015 will bring these events, or very similar:

1.       Kidnapping of a high profile individual or celebrity for political gain

 2.      More weather related disasters in all areas of the planet.  North America, South America, Asia and Europe.  These will come in the form of flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes.  It will be the worst year for natural disasters in recent memory, perhaps on record.

3.      Increased tensions between Russia and the U.S.  Russia may experience a serious financial collapse, akin to our real estate collapse in 2006.

 4.      Hilary Clinton is still in line to win the election.  Jeb Bush is going to rise in popularity.  It could get much closer if Hillary does not adjust her strategies

 5.      There will be at least one military friendly fire disaster in the seas.  I suspect in the Navy.  This disaster will include 25 or more individuals.

 6.      Technology will continue to provide us amazing handheld gadgets.  There will be a focus on how we can monitor vital signs through our devices, even check blood.

 7.       Advancements in auto technology will hit the market.  We will see the release of the first car that drives itself.

 8.      We will see huge advancements in gas efficiency, and cars that get 150 to 250 miles per gallon.     All auto dealers will have some hybrid or electric car option.  




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